Announcing YADIS...again

Christopher E. Granade cgranade at
Tue Oct 25 19:02:44 PDT 2005

Carl Howells wrote:
> I've read through the documentation provided, and I'm a bit confused by
> all of this.  How does having this protocol make things easier?
> I suppose that is a very general question, so perhaps some more concrete
> ones would be a better starting point.
> Is supporting the profile exchange a requirement for all YADIS-compliant
> servers, or is it an optional feature?
> What's your timeline on having a demo site supporting both LID and
> OpenID-style URLs?  What about a timeline for LiveJournal supporting YADIS?
> How would you go about adding support for a non-url-based identity
> system, like sxip or i-names?
> And back to some broader thoughts and questions...
> From my current understanding of YADIS, I'm really confused by its
> motivation.  At the moment, it seems to be LID, but allowing you to use
> the OpenID authentication mechanism in place of LID's authentication
> mechanism.  This seems like it would require little change to LID
> servers, but OpenID servers would require adding enough new
> functionality to essentially make them LID servers.
> All this raises a question:  Why not just use LID?  What does YADIS
> actually add?
> Anyway, thanks for your time.  Hopefully someone can help enlighten me.
> Carl Howells

What I would love to see is a consumer-side protocol for merging not
just URL-based identification services, but also such things as GnuPG,
LDAP or local user based ID services. That way, the consumer could be
responsible for unifying all of this. Unfortunately, YADIS seems to miss
the point by requiring modification to servers. Perhaps I am the one
missing the point, though.

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