Implementing YADIS with no new software

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Mon Oct 31 12:46:20 PST 2005

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Drummond Reed wrote:
> Hi, I'm just joining the list after the discussions of YADIS last week at
> the Internet Identity Workshop
> ( 
> At the workshop, we had a session in which the OASIS XRI folks discussed
> with the LID folks and OpenID folks (specifically Johannes and Brad and
> David) using the OASIS XRI Descriptor document format for YADIS capabilities
> description.
> This seemed to make sense because XRIs (
> and specifically the human-friendly format of XRIs known as i-names
> ( are abstract identifiers that use an
> HTTP-based resolution mechanism to retrieve an XML document that describes
> the identified resource. Since under the YADIS architecture that's also the
> function of LID and OpenID URLs, it was agreed that if we can agree on one
> interoperable capabilities description format, then websites can accept
> either an XRI or an URL as a login, resolve it to the capabilities
> descriptor document, and then complete authentication according to one of
> the available capabilities.
> I'm cc'ing Gabe Wachob, my co-chair of the XRI TC, as well as the other TC
> members who were at IIW (and some that weren't), to prompt them to join the
> list and this conversation. It is particularly revelant because the XRI TC
> is currently discussing and trying to come to closure on XRI Descriptor
> (XRID) document format used in XRI resolution.
> Although we considered RDF, it was felt to be too heavyweight for the kind
> of very simple bootstrap capabilities discovery that XRI resolution and
> resource description needs. So we've been working with a very lightweight
> XML document format that primary uses URIs to define and declare
> capabilities.
> I have to get on a phone call right now but I'll try to send an example of
> this format later this afternoon, and invite Gabe and the others on the TC
> to join in an help explain the advantages/disadvantages/tradeoffs we've be
> discussing about XRIDs for some months now.
> Best,
> =Drummond 
> __________________________________________________
> i-name: =Drummond.Reed
Would it be an accepted practice under XRI, then, to provide an XSL from
RDF to XRI? Something along the lines of
<?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" alternate="yes" rel="xri"?>
That way, I could maintain a single RDF doc for all my metadata,
including FOAF, DC and CC. While it may be heavyweight, I am attempting
to do more with my sites than SSO. Specifying copyright licenses, DC
metadata, etc. is also important, and many of these /require/ RDF, so I
might as well just tack more stuff on.
- --Chris
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