Implementing YADIS with no new software

Dan Libby danda at
Mon Oct 31 12:56:31 PST 2005

On Monday 31 October 2005 14:46, Christopher E. Granade wrote:

> Would it be an accepted practice under XRI, then, to provide an XSL from
> RDF to XRI? Something along the lines of
> <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" alternate="yes" rel="xri"?>
> That way, I could maintain a single RDF doc for all my metadata,
> including FOAF, DC and CC. While it may be heavyweight, I am attempting
> to do more with my sites than SSO. Specifying copyright licenses, DC
> metadata, etc. is also important, and many of these /require/ RDF, so I
> might as well just tack more stuff on.
> --Chris

I don't know about  "acceptable practice" but I do know that XSL and RDF often 
don't play well together.  This is because an RDF file expresses a logical 
data model, and it can express the same exact data model in syntactically 
different ways.  Thus, your XSL file might transform eg one FOAF file 
beautifully, but choke on the next one.

I dunno if anyone has written an RDF-aware equivalent to XSL yet.

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