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Mon Oct 31 13:34:04 PST 2005

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Dan Libby wrote:
> On Monday 31 October 2005 14:46, Christopher E. Granade wrote:
>> Would it be an accepted practice under XRI, then, to provide an XSL from
>> RDF to XRI? Something along the lines of
>> <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" alternate="yes" rel="xri"?>
>> That way, I could maintain a single RDF doc for all my metadata,
>> including FOAF, DC and CC. While it may be heavyweight, I am attempting
>> to do more with my sites than SSO. Specifying copyright licenses, DC
>> metadata, etc. is also important, and many of these /require/ RDF, so I
>> might as well just tack more stuff on.
>> --Chris
> I don't know about  "acceptable practice" but I do know that XSL and RDF often 
> don't play well together.  This is because an RDF file expresses a logical 
> data model, and it can express the same exact data model in syntactically 
> different ways.  Thus, your XSL file might transform eg one FOAF file 
> beautifully, but choke on the next one.
> I dunno if anyone has written an RDF-aware equivalent to XSL yet.
This article from 2001 on seems to have something like that
using DCGs in Prolog. It's ugly as sin, but it's entirely semantic.

I see what you mean, though, about XSL. It seems to have to do with the
independance of RDF from its structure.

- --Chris
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