Implementing YADIS with no new software

Benjamin Yu benjaminlyu at
Mon Oct 31 13:58:20 PST 2005

> Would it be an accepted practice under XRI, then, to provide an XSL from
> RDF to XRI? Something along the lines of
> <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" alternate="yes" rel="xri"?>
> That way, I could maintain a single RDF doc for all my metadata,
> including FOAF, DC and CC. While it may be heavyweight, I am attempting
> to do more with my sites than SSO. Specifying copyright licenses, DC
> metadata, etc. is also important, and many of these /require/ RDF, so I
> might as well just tack more stuff on.
> --Chris

Ok. I'm a bit confused here. From my understanding, multiple XRI specs define:
1. XRI as URIs.
2. A resolution protocol. That is, translates an XRI (possibly to another XRI)
to a concrete URL.
  2a. Part of which provides XML output (XRI Descriptors) for the resolution.
3. Metadata that can be embedded into an XRI. Which the spec says "allows XRIs
to be embedded within other XRIs in order to share identifiers across

What are we talking about in the XSL case? To (2a) or (3)?

Secondly, what is the scope of the XRI and OpenID discussion? Are we thinking
of adopting XRI resolution as a means of service discovery, or is it just to be
used as Identification URIs?

And a bit off topic:
My gut reaction to seeing XRIs is, "EDI X12 syntax ugliness." That is, I have
to blink a few times in order to focus past the special characters and concepts
of segments and subsegments.


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