openid.consumer tag

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Sep 14 12:10:20 PDT 2005

Anas M. Nebuchadnezzar XXXVII wrote:
> I've been doing some thinging, and I cam up with an idea that I wanted
> to share with you to see what you all think. My idea is, every site that
> supports openid authentication should add an extra link tag in the
> header pointing to it's openid consumer url. This would have the benefit
> of assisting in the autodiscovery of openid-enabled sites as well as
> makeing possible to write browser plugins/extensions that work with that
> information.
> Imagine going to and seeing a little openid icon
> show up on the bottom of the window. If you click on the icon, you get
> the options: "log in with {stored identity}" or "log in with other".
> Choosing either option would automatically send a login request to that
> sites consumer url.

I proposed this ages ago. Most responders seemed to think that it was
better just to standardize the names of the form elements and rely on
form auto-filling or GreaseMonkey scripts. I still lean towards the LINK
thing, but not enough to actually do anything about it. If you want to
go ahead and make a full proposal of how it should work and perhaps make
a demo implementation then I'd support it. (Not that my support means
much in the grand scheme of things!)

The main hurdle is that it would require a standard interface to the
consumer rather than just using HTML form submissions.

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