LJ munging OpenID comments?

Rev. Jeffrey Paul sneak at datavibe.net
Mon Sep 19 21:01:27 PDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 11:29:42PM -0400, Kurt Raschke wrote:
> The main reason I use OpenID with LJ is so that I don't have to get  
> another account, and remember another username, just so that I'm not  
> "anonymous" and treated as such by the site.  But if LJ is going to  
> treat OpenID-authenticated users the same as anonymous users, then  
> what's the point?

Additionally, the last time I checked, if an LJ user has an OpenID listed
as a 'friend' (assigned trust to read protected entries) but has anonymous
commenting disabled, a user trying to leave a comment with that OpenID will
be denied from commenting (comments left with an OpenID are grouped in
with anonymous comments).

The only benefits I see to using OpenID for commenting on LiveJournal is
the fact that you can specify an email address and receive notifications
of comment replies.

Additionally, you can specify a user icon, however LiveJournal has taken
to applying their highly subjective evaluations of prohibited content
(which the LJ TOS clearly states as applying only to journal accounts)
to icons used with OpenID accounts as well which further limits the
practical usefulness of OpenID.

OpenIDs still can't be used to participate in LiveJournal's communities
or polling features.


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