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Brian Ellin brian at janrain.com
Sun Apr 2 20:22:02 UTC 2006

Whoops, I tried sending this a few days ago but apparently it didn't
make it to the list...  below are some thoughts on the yadis logo:


I agree, the bottom left logo is the best so far.  Good work!  :)

My 3 cents:

1) It is important to have a simple version available, without the
text and black Y in the middle of the arrows.
2) A 16x16px is desirable
3) I really like the idea of having the same angles between the
arrows.  I think the focus of the graphical element of the logo should
be to represent a community working together, not present something
that happens to look like a "Y".  Odd angles leave me with a feeling
of service inequality.

See attached for a variation on the latest logo.

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