yadis logo

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Mon Apr 3 06:41:57 UTC 2006

Brian Ellin wrote:
> I agree, the bottom left logo is the best so far.  Good work!  :)
> My 3 cents:
> 1) It is important to have a simple version available, without the
> text and black Y in the middle of the arrows.
> 2) A 16x16px is desirable
> 3) I really like the idea of having the same angles between the
> arrows.  I think the focus of the graphical element of the logo should
> be to represent a community working together, not present something
> that happens to look like a "Y".  Odd angles leave me with a feeling
> of service inequality.
> See attached for a variation on the latest logo.

I'm coming into this discussion a bit late, but I just wanted to remark
that I'm not a fan of the pastels in these logos. The light blue is
barely visible on my monitor here. While that might be due to poor
monitor calibration on my part, I'm certainly not the only person in the
world with a badly-calibrated monitor.

I like the shape of your variation, though. The arrows seem a little
more compact and even and I wasn't really a fan of having the logo be
the Y in the name.

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