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Tue Apr 4 22:39:11 UTC 2006

[I regret i sent this message without adding the reference you will 
find below.]

>... Yadis' indirection-through-HTML trick ...

For list readers who may not have been around last year:

This indirection-through-HTML trick is in the Yadis Specification to 
enable users who are not able to control their web server, so as to 
induce it to return either the XRDS document or the X-XRDS-Location 
HTTP response-header.

Service providers (and users with adequate control of their web 
server) can respond to the HTTP Accept request-header or send an 
X-XRDS-Location HTTP response-header.


There is an excellent discussion of the reason for having tricks like this at:

That's about authentication, but the second and third paragraphs are 
about Bob, one of many thousands and soon to be millions who we need 
to accomodate.

Our motto: If it doesn't work for Bob, it doesn't work for us.

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