OpenID 1.2 Extensions Proposal

Martin Atkins mart at
Wed Apr 5 17:44:05 UTC 2006

Jonathan Daugherty wrote:
> #   <Service priority="20">
> #     <Type></Type>
> #     <Type></Type>
> #     <URI></URI>
> #   </Service>
> We decided not to do it this way (either with two Types or one per
> Service) because the extension itself is not a standalone service.  It
> requires OpenID.  If you want the extension, you can still look for it
> using whatever normal XRDS-querying API you might have, but it is much
> clearer to *call* it an extension if it *is* an extension rather than
> claiming that it's a completely new type of service.

On the other hand, it might be nicer to think of a way to do it that
works with multiple underlying protocols. The whole point of Yadis is to
allow a big bunch of different technologies to work together in a
loosely-coupled fashion, so unless it's really the only way to go I
think it's best to avoid piling new stuff on top of a particular service.

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