Disallow similar identities

Daniel E. Renfer Duck at Kronkltd.net
Fri Apr 21 22:25:36 UTC 2006

I have a question. Would anyone consider it to be a bad thing to only
allow one form of similar (yet technically different) URL's?

For instance, say our user, Joe, goes to a site and sets up his
account using the identity "http://example.com/joe" that is the Id
that is stored in the database. Now, if Joe, or another user, goes
back to this same site and tries to log in with an Id similar to one
in the database, they're given a warning and the option to log in with
the stored URL.

So, if Joe enters in the very similar, not not equivalent Id of
"http://www.example.com/joe/" the system will give the error that the
provided Id is similar to "http://example.com/joe" and ask if he wants
to use that instead. If he says "yes", the server acts just as if he
had typed in the shorter form. If he chooses "No", he is given an
option to enter in a new identity

This would allow me to set up an identity using my preferred form of
Id, but then allowing me to allow my auto complete, or the URL copied
out of my browser to work just as well requiring only 1 extra click.

Daniel E. Renfer (http://kronkltd.net/)

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