Disallow similar identities

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Is that something that needs to be discussed on a protocol,  
interoperability kind of level, or is that a user convenience kind of  
feature that sites can add on their own if they so desire?

On Apr 21, 2006, at 15:25, Daniel E. Renfer wrote:

> I have a question. Would anyone consider it to be a bad thing to only
> allow one form of similar (yet technically different) URL's?
> For instance, say our user, Joe, goes to a site and sets up his
> account using the identity "http://example.com/joe" that is the Id
> that is stored in the database. Now, if Joe, or another user, goes
> back to this same site and tries to log in with an Id similar to one
> in the database, they're given a warning and the option to log in with
> the stored URL.
> So, if Joe enters in the very similar, not not equivalent Id of
> "http://www.example.com/joe/" the system will give the error that the
> provided Id is similar to "http://example.com/joe" and ask if he wants
> to use that instead. If he says "yes", the server acts just as if he
> had typed in the shorter form. If he chooses "No", he is given an
> option to enter in a new identity
> This would allow me to set up an identity using my preferred form of
> Id, but then allowing me to allow my auto complete, or the URL copied
> out of my browser to work just as well requiring only 1 extra click.
> Daniel E. Renfer (http://kronkltd.net/)

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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