OpenID on PostNuke (Proof of Concept)

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at
Thu Aug 10 20:39:15 UTC 2006

# I just spent the last 3 days roughly incorporating OpenID into
# PostNuke based on the example code supplied with the PHP libraries.
# I'm not a PHP developer or a PostNuke developer.  I'm just a
# hacker(in the original sense of the term) who is very interested in
# this project and it's impact on web communities.  I implemented
# OpenID on one of my wiki's (, and then on my
# drupal site ( and I just decided that I will not
# use another web community that does not support OpenID.  Some of my
# sites are in PostNuke so that was the next step for me and since
# there wasn't something available already, I had to do it myself.



I tried creating an account (which made me verify my OpenID; cool).
However, after going through the account creation screen, I get a
message that says, "You are not authorized to carry out this
operation."  (And the account did not get created.)

Can you change the OpenID URL field in the login form so its name is
"openid_url"?  (We just ask people to do this so browser form field
history can apply to OpenID fields wherever they appear.)

This is great; thanks for posting about it!  If you have any issues or
feedback about the PHP libraries, please mail me directly.

  Jonathan Daugherty
  JanRain, Inc.

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