OpenID on PostNuke (Proof of Concept)

Jaco Aizenman skorpio at
Fri Aug 11 19:38:36 UTC 2006

Thanks Shawn!, can you share with all mortals your Drupal code?    :-)



On 8/10/06, Shawn ( <shawn at> wrote:
> I just spent the last 3 days roughly incorporating OpenID into
> PostNuke based on the example code supplied with the PHP libraries.
> I'm not a PHP developer or a PostNuke developer.  I'm just a hacker(in
> the original sense of the term) who is very interested in this project
> and it's impact on web communities.  I implemented OpenID on one of my
> wiki's (, and then on my drupal site
> ( and I just decided that I will not use another
> web community that does not support OpenID.  Some of my sites are in
> PostNuke so that was the next step for me and since there wasn't
> something available already, I had to do it myself.
> I had to modify 5 files and a column definition in the database.  I'm
> currently only using a filestore but I'd like to move it to a
> mysqlstore.  It's needs to be tested a little more and moved to the
> mysqlstore but then I'll be happy to release the diff files.  If you
> want, give it a try and help me work the bugs out:
> I'm using:
> PHP 5.1.4
> Apache 2.0.51
> PostNuke
> Next steps would be:
> 1) Create an account if you try to login with OpenID but don't yet
> have a local account (similar to what is done with Drupal now, I like
> that).
> 2) Move it to mysqlstore instead of filestore
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> L8r,
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> L8r,
> ..--=Shawn=--..

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