Question: Yadis Service URIs in the OpenID Auth case

Johannes Ernst at
Thu Aug 31 16:22:58 UTC 2006

On Aug 31, 2006, at 1:32, Martin Atkins wrote:

> As it stands, it's not really clear how multiple URI elements  
> (which, if I'm not mistaken, are allowed in XRI) would work with  
> OpenID, for the same reasons that this wasn't included in OpenID  
> 1.1 with the openid.server LINK element.

Not quite. For example, 2idi supports the IdP side of OpenID with  
XRIs, and they advertise two service endpoints for OpenID (which are  
identical, except that one is https and the other http -- a perfectly  
valid use case I'd think).

My question that started this thread came from trying to make our  
OpenID code in InfoGrid work with their code, in particular whether  
we could make any assumptions about whether or not those two  
endpoints share the same secrets or not.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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