Introducing Zooomr, a photo sharing site that speaks your language and OpenID

Kristopher Tate kris at
Sun Feb 12 05:49:44 UTC 2006

Hey Everyone!

It sure has been awhile since OpenID Started. Today, I'm pleased to  
announce the first (pretty sure) full featured photo sharing site to  
leverage OpenID. It's called Zooomr, and it's goal is to help people  
share photos and find new people through photos as simply as possible  
-- OpenID allows us to do just that. On top of that, Zooomr is  
localized in 12 locales and counting!

Here are a few URLs to visit:

Homepage: <>
Login (With OpenID Support): <>
The Zooomr Blog: <>

I've already talked with the awesome folks over at Janrain, and they  
have kindly put Zooomr on the online directory (<http://>). If you run an OpenID Directory, it  
would mean a lot to me if you would add Zooomr.

That aside, please login to Zooomr and start sharing photos today. I  
want to provide the best experience for OpenID users, so if you have  
questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

Thanks for your time!

Kristopher Tate
CTO -- BlueBridge Technologies Group

Here's a quick rundown of the technical and nontechnical:

* Built entirely with Python 2.4
* Leverages BlueBridge's BlueNote Web framework
* Hosted using LightTPD on Debian boxes
* Utilizes Danga's memcached
* Supports 4 Login schemes: Level9, OpenID, Google, & Meetro
* Pages load within 30ms (avg. 15ms)

* 50mb/month upload capacity; 2gb for pro users
* RSS Support
* GeoTagging built right into the site
* Audio Annotations (Zooomrtations)
* Tags
* Grids (Auto Generated Clusters of photos from Tags)
* Find people inside photos
* Comments
* EXIF Data
* Quick Resize
* Quick Editing (Simply click on the object you would like to edit)
* Email/Phone Upload (Down at the moment pending maintenance)
* LightBox (see: < 
* LightMap (see: < 
* User Profiles
* Online Status/Presence of users
* More to come soon!

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