Introducing Zooomr, a photo sharing site that speaks your language and OpenID

Kristopher Tate kris at
Mon Feb 13 03:55:36 UTC 2006


We do, actually (provide multiple licenses). Using QuickEdit, all you  
need to do is hover over the "All Rights Reserved." next to the  
photo, and click on it (while logged-in).

It'll give you the choices you desire.



On 2006/02/12, at 19:36, Keith Howe wrote:

> On 2/11/06, Kristopher Tate <kris at> wrote:
>> Hey Everyone!
>> It sure has been awhile since OpenID Started. Today, I'm pleased to
>> announce the first (pretty sure) full featured photo sharing site to
>> leverage OpenID. It's called Zooomr, and it's goal is to help people
>> share photos and find new people through photos as simply as possible
>> -- OpenID allows us to do just that. On top of that, Zooomr is
>> localized in 12 locales and counting!
> Hey, I was just trying out the Zooomr beta, but could not find a
> specific form/contact for feedback. Anyhow, I just wanted to suggest
> the ability to be able to attach specific copyright information to
> photos. Tags and/or comments are not really a convenient way to do
> this, and it would be particularly useful if you could provide, for
> instance, a drop-down list with some standard copyright conditions (ie
> some of the Creative Commons licenese,,
> etc.).
> - K.Howe

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