[ANN] python-openid 1.0.4

Kevin Turner kevin at janrain.com
Tue Feb 14 23:49:29 UTC 2006

This morning there was a message in my inbox from my DNS registrar
inviting me to click through for a "special message" from them.  An
animation loaded with elaborately rendered red roses and candlelight,
and wishes for a happy valentines day written out in a flowing font.

Well, I guess we could have done that too.  But we don't really know
that much about this Saint Valentine character.  Do we really need to
send out cards stamped with symbolic hearts?  Or would it in fact be
better to publish some bug fixes?  For all I know, Saint Valentine's day
job is working as a sysadmin.  Perhaps he even runs an OpenID server for
his company's domain.

So today we're releasing version 1.0.4 of our Python OpenID library.
This is a maintenance release which includes

in openid.consumer:
 * added logging to more error cases.
 * fixed to appropriately return SETUP_NEEDED from completeAuth().
 * fixed some occurrences of unnecessarily falling back to dumb mode.

in openid.server:
 * corrections to the server's replay attack prevention in dumb mode.
 * made more careful checking of trust_root.

and in openid.store, used by both parties:
 * removal of several arbitrary field limits in the SQL stores.  (This
will effect newly created stores only; old ones will continue operating
with their existing schema.)

Python OpenID is available under the GNU LGPL from

Download links:


1d7548ece4a92d70fe5f8b8abbfbafd30ea57c4b  python-openid-1.0.4.tar.gz
423fde12c5030553798381ffa7f8ecda340533da  python-openid-1.0.4.zip

Share and Enjoy,

  - Kevin
    JanRain, Inc.

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