Identity 2.0

Petra Sütterlin petra at
Tue Feb 28 21:25:09 UTC 2006

Hello to everybody,

Many thanks for the immediate answer and the links. I'm surprised how good the subject already has been presentated. I did not expect it like this.

What I am still looking for is more general information about ID2.0 because I will probably have to answer the following questions:
-What is the difference between ID 1.0 and ID 2.0 ?
-If e-bay and amazon also applied the ID 2.0 system, will I still have to submit my e-mail and postadress? And in this case I just don't have to fill in password and Username?

Maybe the answers are already hidden in the links, but I did not find them, yet.

Best regards and happy greetings from germany
Petra Sütterlin
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