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Tue Feb 28 21:34:22 UTC 2006

Hi Petra

Identity 1.0 is a domain-centric model.

If ebay and amazon were using an ID2.0 model, then they may still  
require your email and post address, but rather then having to type  
them in, you would be prompted to release them.

The Burton group has a report on user centric identity. Mike  
Neuenschwander is the author. It is not a public document, but you  
can ask Mike (cc'ed) about it.

-- Dick

On 28-Feb-06, at 1:25 PM, Petra Sütterlin wrote:

> Hello to everybody,
> Many thanks for the immediate answer and the links. I'm surprised  
> how good the subject already has been presentated. I did not expect  
> it like this.
> What I am still looking for is more general information about ID2.0  
> because I will probably have to answer the following questions:
> -What is the difference between ID 1.0 and ID 2.0 ?
> -If e-bay and amazon also applied the ID 2.0 system, will I still  
> have to submit my e-mail and postadress? And in this case I just  
> don't have to fill in password and Username?
> Maybe the answers are already hidden in the links, but I did not  
> find them, yet.
> Best regards and happy greetings from germany
> Petra Sütterlin
> Philognosie
> My-Lands

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