OpenID - getting mass take up, anti-spam?

Mark Cross sites at
Fri Jan 6 19:35:20 UTC 2006

Dear Johannes,

>The biggest issue in all of this is integration with e-mail clients.
>The receiving end is relatively straightforward, but the sending one isn't.
>(Maybe you have some better ideas that I do on this, if so, let's hear 

Dinner time beckons, but the I solved the email clients issue:

You only have to send the FIRST email via the web system to get on the 
person's white list within their OpenID server profile.

The receiver logs into their OpenID server and runs mail scan and it gives 
you three types of email.

white list + auth key
white list only
possible spam

Once you've got on someone's white list via this system, you don't always 
have to use the web mail send from you OpenId server. It just means your 
email will get into their very clean queue.

Until mass penetration - I imagine people would only use the send email from 
OpenID server once. After that - it's optional.
Receivers - just login to their OpenID server before they check POP3/IMAP 

- Is this not good enough until take up occurs?

I will look at your site over the weekend.
It's nice to know I'm not going around the bend!

Happy New Year to your both,

m1bxd/m totnes devon gb 

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