OpenID - getting mass take up, anti-spam?

Johannes Ernst at
Fri Jan 6 21:37:56 UTC 2006

So you are only proposing to use a URL-based messaging system as an  
introduction system?
That certainly works ... and coincidentally is the way I've  
experienced our authenticated messaging features to be used in practice.

I still think making URL-based authenticated messaging a native  
messaging protocol has a lot of advantages, for one: consistency /  
seamlessness. It also ties very nicely with Signed Ping ...

On Jan 6, 2006, at 11:35, Mark Cross wrote:

> Dear Johannes,
>> The biggest issue in all of this is integration with e-mail clients.
>> The receiving end is relatively straightforward, but the sending  
>> one isn't.
>> (Maybe you have some better ideas that I do on this, if so, let's  
>> hear them!)
> Dinner time beckons, but the I solved the email clients issue:
> You only have to send the FIRST email via the web system to get on  
> the person's white list within their OpenID server profile.
> The receiver logs into their OpenID server and runs mail scan and  
> it gives you three types of email.
> white list + auth key
> white list only
> possible spam
> Once you've got on someone's white list via this system, you don't  
> always have to use the web mail send from you OpenId server. It  
> just means your email will get into their very clean queue.
> Until mass penetration - I imagine people would only use the send  
> email from OpenID server once. After that - it's optional.
> Receivers - just login to their OpenID server before they check  
> POP3/IMAP mail.
> - Is this not good enough until take up occurs?
> I will look at your site over the weekend.
> It's nice to know I'm not going around the bend!
> Happy New Year to your both,
> m1bxd/m totnes devon gb

Johannes Ernst
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