Simplifying OpenId

Johannes Ernst at
Sat Jan 7 00:49:54 UTC 2006

Exactly, why do something cleanly if a hack is just half as good? ;-)

But for those on this list who are still puzzled by this question:  
because YADIS provides a clean foundation to build on top of.  
Authentication against a website -- like OpenID does today and LID  
and friends -- is probably somewhere in the area of 1% of what the  
identity visionaries (Google "identity gang") are envisioning that  
user-controlled identity will turn into:

Disintermediating eBay would be closer to the 100% than the 0%, and  
that's only one of the examples.

And one can't hope to build the 100% if one starts kludging after 1%  
of the work is done. So that's why we all agree that YADIS is needed.

(Sorry if you think that I'm continually stating and restating the  
very very obvious, I'm an earthling after all, dear Ford Prefect)

On Jan 6, 2006, at 16:37, Martin Atkins wrote:

> Johannes Ernst wrote:
>> Let's define yourself a new YADIS capability ... and you are   
>> instantly
>> able to participate in the same framework. That doesn't  mean that  
>> your
>> new SSO can instantly be used to log into LiveJournal  -- but it  
>> means
>> it opens up a defined path for Relying Parties to  recognize  
>> "your" URLs
>> and do something smart with it...
> Of course, the same could be said for adding an element to the HTML  
> <link rel="alexid.server" href="">
> Why do we need YADIS, again? :)
> (I'm just joking, by the way!)

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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