Interesting identity demos?

J. Patrick Bedell jpb at
Sun Jan 8 01:09:26 UTC 2006

         I recently came across YADIS/OpenID/LID, and I am working to
incorporate my work into the framework that you all have constructed.
         I've released software, available at, to 
create economic instruments from arbitrary information.  I've also 
released a (minimally documented) modification to the Subversion svn 
client to create economic instruments from code checked into a Subversion 
repository.  My intention is that information currency based on a person's 
creative work will enable identity to be established by the ideas that a 
person has developed and is associated with.
 	I'm sending this email to the list to volunteer to be part of the 
speed geeking with an information currency / PKI demonstration.
 	Thanks for all your work!

 	jpb at

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> Everybody,
> We are putting together an identity BOF at the upcoming O'Reilly Etel 
> conference at the San Francisco Airport Marriott.
> The BOF is free for everybody (not the conference, but see below)
> Here's more info:
> identity_speed_geeking_o_reilly_emerging_telephony_conference
> We'd like to get people to come and demo interesting identity-related 
> projects.
> Would you like to come and demo? E.g your OpenID implementation, your LID 
> implementation, your YADIS lookup, your I-have-something-really- 
> cool-in-identity, even if it is not OpenID/LID/YADIS.
> For people who really help out making this event a success, we may be able to 
> arrange for you to attend the entire conference.
> Of course, you could also just come to the BOF if you want to meet other 
> people interested in the subject.
> For demo interest / questions / whatever, please contact me.
> Johannes Ernst

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