Interesting identity demos?

Johannes Ernst at
Sat Jan 7 00:35:39 UTC 2006


We are putting together an identity BOF at the upcoming O'Reilly Etel  
conference at the San Francisco Airport Marriott.
The BOF is free for everybody (not the conference, but see below)

Here's more info: 

We'd like to get people to come and demo interesting identity-related  

Would you like to come and demo? E.g your OpenID implementation, your  
LID implementation, your YADIS lookup, your I-have-something-really- 
cool-in-identity, even if it is not OpenID/LID/YADIS.

For people who really help out making this event a success, we may be  
able to arrange for you to attend the entire conference.

Of course, you could also just come to the BOF if you want to meet  
other people interested in the subject.

For demo interest / questions / whatever, please contact me.

Johannes Ernst
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