Simplifying OpenId

Johannes Ernst at
Thu Jan 19 16:50:38 UTC 2006

>>> "YADIS is a service discovery system allowing relying parties  
>>> (aka identity consumers or membersites) to determine  
>>> automatically, without end-user intervention, the most  
>>> appropriate protocol to use."
>>> If (1), then perhaps someone can make it less abstract and real  
>>> for me.
>>> if (2), then perhaps someone can document it, useful for all
>>> if (3), then why not just document <link rel= ...> tags and each  
>>> protocol can work on solving all the issues in their own way?
>> I will take the action item of writing an FAQ entry on why this is  
>> not a suitable foundation.
> Perhaps you can start that on the list so we can discuss?
> btw: I do think that the idea of the Consumer asking for a  
> particular content type is a great way for higher level discovery  
> -- but not clear on the value.

Does what I put in the FAQ answer your questions?

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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