Simplifying OpenId

Josh Hoyt josh at
Wed Jan 11 15:43:38 UTC 2006


On 1/10/06, Dick Hardt <dick at> wrote:
> On 10-Jan-06, at 12:06 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:
> >> if (3), then why not just document <link rel= ...> tags and each
> >> protocol can work on solving all the issues in their own way?
> >
> > I will take the action item of writing an FAQ entry on why this is
> > not a suitable foundation.
> Perhaps you can start that on the list so we can discuss?

I probably have a slightly different perspective than Johannes, but I
will quickly outline the advantages of using a separate document over
a <link> tag in HTML:

1. There is no restriction on the type of document that is at the identity URL.
2. It is possible to express preferences between different services.
3. It is possible to provide additional meta-data about a particular service.

How much value you place on those features will determine how you feel
about what discovery mechanism is correct. In addition to these
points, the separate document seems cleaner to me. This is a matter of
opinion, but it was also the consensus of those involved in the
original discussion.

These arguments are the same arguments that I made in my last
response[1] to you, but put more succinctly.

Josh Hoyt


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