Simplifying OpenId

Dick Hardt dick at
Tue Jan 10 20:09:44 UTC 2006

On 10-Jan-06, at 12:06 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> On Jan 9, 2006, at 10:52, Dick Hardt wrote:
>> You may be successful in communicating the answer, but we may  
>> still disagree on the approach. :-)
>> Right now, I don't understand enough about how YADIS does what you  
>> hint at to even comment on the approach. I see three possible  
>> reasons on why I don't understand:
>> 1) I am daft and just don't get how YADIS provides a "clean  
>> foundation" by reading the documentation
>> 2) the conversation happened, everyone on the list is aware, it is  
>> just not well documented
>> 3) YADIS is a method of discovering the most appropriate protocol  
>> to use, per the web page
> I guess there are a few other possibilities, but let's not go there.

Now, what kind of fun is that? ;-)

>> "YADIS is a service discovery system allowing relying parties (aka  
>> identity consumers or membersites) to determine automatically,  
>> without end-user intervention, the most appropriate protocol to use."
>> If (1), then perhaps someone can make it less abstract and real  
>> for me.
>> if (2), then perhaps someone can document it, useful for all
>> if (3), then why not just document <link rel= ...> tags and each  
>> protocol can work on solving all the issues in their own way?
> I will take the action item of writing an FAQ entry on why this is  
> not a suitable foundation.

Perhaps you can start that on the list so we can discuss?

btw: I do think that the idea of the Consumer asking for a particular  
content type is a great way for higher level discovery -- but not  
clear on the value.

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