"However, profile exchange is optional"

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Tue Jan 10 20:06:13 UTC 2006

On Jan 10, 2006, at 10:24, Martin Atkins wrote:

> sites at thirdvisit.co.uk wrote:
>> And if so, why should this NOT go in the v1.0 spec for Yadis?
> YADIS doesn't (or rather, shouldn't) specify any services of its own,
> since it's simply a mechanism for describing the available services.
> Profile exchange is just another service. For example, LID 2.0 Profile
> Exchange is one example of a profile exchange mechanism that can be
> declared through YADIS. Others may arise later.
> Anyone can invent new services built on top of YADIS without the need
> for approval from the YADIS spec. That's the whole point of YADIS.

I fully agree -- with maybe one addition for the longer term:

It may turn out that after so many different methods of doing single  
sign-on, and so many different capabilities for doing profile  
exchange, or whatever other capabilities have all been tried out in  
the market, "everybody" migrates to one particular way of doing it. I  
would have no problem in taking such a universally accepted  
capability and adding it to the YADIS spec itself. (Or, well, maybe  
better: create a second spec but under the YADIS project's umbrella).

Now we can all guess when or whether that will ever be the case, but  
if/when it is, I would have no problem extending the scope of YADIS.  
(And before I start a flame war, there isn't really a need to agree  
or disagree on this right now because so far, we are not anywhere  
close to that situation ...)

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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