multiple URI elements per Service in XRDs

Johannes Ernst at
Thu Jan 19 18:48:24 UTC 2006

Thanks for the response ... comments in-lined.

> Assuming s/XRD/Service/g:

I'm shocked, shocked to find that there are geeks on this list! --  
Your winnings, sir. -- Thank you very much.

> There are many motivations for supporting multiple URIs for a service:
> - convey multiple URI encodings (eg URI vs IRI).  Esp in the near  
> term, some
> applications will not be able operate on IRIs
> - convey multiple URI schemes, eg FTP HTTP HTTPS URN MAILTO GOPHER  
> (heh,
> yeah there are still gopher servers out there!!) etc etc...  This  
> is perhaps
> the most important motivation, IMHO
> - load distribution, etc...
> It's likely, at least for YADIS, you'll have at least 2 (HTTP and  

Yes, but will they truly be on the same service? It appears to me  
that if I have a choice of doing the same thing via HTTP and HTTPS,  
I'd have a preference which one should be used, and thus they would  
be in different service elements with different priority attributes?

What's really behind my question is that I couldn't really think of  
any YADIS scenarios I would expect to find in the wild, that would  
take advantage of all the machinery. (It may be different for XRI, I  
can believe that).

> And FWIW, the processing rules over the selection are rather  
> arduous, but
> the TC choose to be fairly explicit to avoid interop issues.
> =peterd  (

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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