YADIS best practice?

Joaquin Miller joaquin at netmesh.us
Sat Jan 21 01:22:59 UTC 2006

> > <Service>
> >    <Type>http://openid.net/signon/1.0</Type>
> >    <Type>http://openid.net/signon/1.1</Type>
> >    <URI>http://openid.example.com/</URI>
> > </Service>
>The issue to think about for the second example is the endpoints 
>described by <URI> MUST support both protocols versions, which in 
>some deployments may not be possible or practical.

I agree it is good to lump, since this has the (at present implicit) 
interpretation that these are two subtypes of the same service.

And i definitely agree that, in the example, the URI must work with 
both types of service.

The general rule is that everything lumped in one service must be 
such that a really dumb or stubborn piece of software can pull out 
something that will work (for example, last type and last URI).


Since what other elements a service wants or looks at are up to that 
service, we can have nothing to say about that.

Cordially, Joaquin

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