ClaimID Now Supports OpenID

Recordon, David drecordon at
Mon Jun 19 13:50:47 UTC 2006

We invested a lot of time into making ClaimID an OpenID application. The
early stages of any product launch are extremely valuable - we realized
that by redoing our account system, we'd lose valuable time that could
be spent on other, more marketable endeavors. However, once we talked
the idea through, it became obvious that going open was the only way.
The identity space, especially the space ClaimID is occupying - is very
new. It is up to us to set an example - that identity should be open,
that we all win by using standards, and that standards - such as the
emergent identity microformats and OpenID - completely make sense for
consumer identity companies. We win when we enable our customers with
the best identity products available - it is as simple as that.

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