Giving Yadis and OpenID a New Home

Recordon, David drecordon at
Mon Jun 19 16:00:47 UTC 2006

With help from various people within this community, this morning I
posted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation to create a project
to develop technologies around Yadis and OpenID along with a desktop

The project would start with Yadis for URL/XRI-based service
discovery, OpenID for web based single-sign-on and the basis of
exchanging profile data, and to create a desktop component with a
standard look and feel, ideally working with the Open Source Identity
Selector (OSIS) project.  We are currently working with those
involved in the OSIS project to determine if it would be possible, and
they willing, to integrate their effort as a part of this one.  If not,
we still see the value of having a desktop component of this
infrastructure.  The project would be tasked with the further
development of these technologies as well as creating a bridge between
the light-weight URL/XRI based identity technologies and the desktop.

It is also great that Six Apart, JanRain, NetMesh, and VeriSign are
willing to contribute so much code to jumpstart this effort.

 - The OpenID specification and content on from Brad
Fitzpatrick of Six Apart, Ltd. and David Recordon of VeriSign, Inc.
 - The domains and from Brad Fitzpatrick of Six
Apart, Ltd. and Johannes Ernst of NetMesh, Inc.
 - OpenID libraries in Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and C# from JanRain,
 - Yadis libraries in Python, Ruby, Perl, and PHP from JanRain, Inc.
 - OpenID and Yadis test suites from JanRain, Inc.
 - OpenID libraries in Perl from Brad Fitzpatrick of Six Apart, Ltd.
 - OpenID Consumer Ruby on Rails plugin from VeriSign, Inc. and
EastMedia Group.
 - PHP based OpenID Identity Provider from JanRain, Inc.
 - Patch to enable OpenID and LID support in MediaWiki from NetMesh
 - Yadis conformance test suite from NetMesh and VeriSign, Inc.

You can read the full proposal at
3c8A1A6155AA70064EBE4DC370E709147BE50B8F at

Thanks to everyone that helped me put this together!

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