Broken link to Perl OpenID 1.1 on openidenabled ?

Lesley Binks lesley.binks at
Wed Jun 21 09:40:16 UTC 2006


Am just starting off development with OpenID and, subsequent to some 
errors I took a look at for more help/info on the 
bugs I had (which occur in the Net::OpenID::Consumer code).

I found

and followed the link for v1.1 of the Perl OpenID library to

and this link activates no download in either Firefox or Mozilla.

It appears broken to me.

Also searched CPAN for JanRain   (using 'm JanRain' from within a 'perl 
-MCPAN -e shell') and got nothing.

Would someone who knows say if the JanRain stuff is in the 
Net::OpenID::Consumer or not and when 1.1 was released please?



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