Identity 2.0

Dick Hardt dick at
Wed Mar 1 20:25:12 UTC 2006

On 1-Mar-06, at 12:15 PM, David Recordon wrote:

>> The model you describe below is what I would call a "pull" model,
>> where Amazon is pulling the data from your identifier. I'm a  
>> proponent
>> of the "push" model, where the user sees what Amazon is asking for,
>> and can select which information to release.
> In that example I'm not sure the terms are mutually exclusive.   
> Just as in the push model the user can be prompted with the  
> requested information and be required to authorize it, the same can  
> happen in the pull model.  Amazon requests my information from  
> LiveJournal, LJ tells me what they want and asks me to authorize  
> it.  To the user, how is this different than what you describe as  
> the push model?

Potentially similar user experience. More moving pieces, so  
potentially more complexity.

> Sounds to me like the three of us are talking about a push  
> model...really the pull model comes into play if for example your  
> profile server returned your email address to any requestor with no  
> intervention on your part.

My understanding of the promoters of "push" archetectures is that  
this is an important feature. I find the lack of user intervention  
problematic, even if the requestor identifies themselves.

-- Dick

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