Move along now.

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Fri Mar 3 05:54:56 UTC 2006

Ah, Joaquin, now I understand. I was the perpetrator of the acronym misuse.
I must have missed the earlier message.


I will stop using Yadis as a acronym.





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Hi Joaquin, I do not understand your message and the context. Can you please

Best regards,


Sure.  A previous message today used 'YADIS'.  My message is just having
some fun, while reminding folks that the project agreed to change the name
from 'YADIS' to 'Yadis'.  And agreed to drop the words that went with
'YADIS' as an initialism.

Joaquin Miller <joaquin at> wrote: 

I am Joaquin Miller, Editor Second Class, deputized by the Copy Editing
Police to patrol this list.

The name of the protocol is 'Yadis.'  

'Yadis' is not any kind of initialism or an acronym.

History is bunk.  Loose lips sink ships.  Watch your mouth.

OK folks, move along now.  Nothing's happening here.  Let's keep it moving.

(Sorry to be so tough.  But that's life.  It's a dirty job and we are
content to do it.) 

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