how different is OpenID from SXIP?

John Merrells merrells at
Wed Mar 15 15:37:03 UTC 2006

On 15-Mar-06, at 6:45 AM, Dan Connolly wrote:

> I wonder if somebody could do me a favor: tell me to what extent
> SXIP is isomorphic to OpenID?

 From the Sxip perspective... like OpenID SXIP is URL based and
provides the advantages of a separation between the place the
user authenticates themselves and the relying party. But SXIP
goes further by providing a general solution for the provision of
identity data, from self asserted attribute assertions through to
third-party claims of attribute assertions. SXIP differs in one
important respect: The discovery phase of the protocol is based
on the user providing the name of their 'homesite' rather than
providing their identifier, which has privacy advantages for the
end user.


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