identity as a URL instead of an email? hrmmmm

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Mar 23 18:39:27 UTC 2006

Granqvist, Hans wrote:
> If the Yadis system is frameworked to handle a few URI schemes, 
> let's say, http:// and mailto:, maybe via profiles, then it would 
> force a distinct definition of the content and mechanism inside
> Yadis. Today it's all a bit muddled with the deps on cookies, for
> example.  

mailto: isn't really a "proper" URI scheme, it's just a hack that was
added so that people could make email links on web pages. A mailto: url
doesn't point at any kind of "resource" in the sense of something you
can retrieve or manipulate. There are no possible "fetch" operations on
a mailto: URL and thus YADIS can't possibly work with it.

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