identity as a URL instead of an email? hrmmmm

Peter Davis peter.davis at
Fri Mar 24 03:54:37 UTC 2006

On 3/23/2006 6:13 PM, "Johannes Ernst" < at>
> For example, we could say "if user enters foo at, the
> corresponding URL is". (this may be a
> bad mapping, but you get the idea)

Actually, if you really wanted to support the (fictitious) mailto: URI, the
best resolution mechanism is DDDS [1], which defines the application of the
DNS NAPTR resource record type for distributed databases, using the DNS.

For an example, take a look at section of SAML 2.0 Metadata
Specification [2], which details precisely that.

Of course, this demands the user be in control of their DNS (as does, to
some extent, the 'well-known' format Johannes suggests), or their mail
domain natively support YADIS (adding one APTR record in the domain
satisfies all users in the domain, of course).

=peterd  (

[1] (and RFC3402-4)

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