Proposal: SMTP service extension for Yadis discovery

Dmitry Shechtman damnian at
Mon Feb 5 17:42:13 UTC 2007


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

> If I am wrong, then there's nothing wrong with transforming an email to an
> OpenId Endpoint url (using the root domain of the email).

That would require a rule for such a transform. Should it be Or maybe So an
explicit resolution protocol is required. Why not deploy a plain SMTP

> Isn't there already an established methodology for getting an email
> address from an XRI?

There is, although I don't think any sound person would advertise his/her
email. Anyway, we are after email-to-XRI, not the other way around.

> Sorry for the ambiguity.

That was my mistake, hence I'm the one who should apologize.


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