is "" a valid yadis id?

rob robyates70 at
Wed Feb 7 19:20:29 UTC 2007

As far as I can make out from the specification it is valid.  For 
example the Yadis spec says that a yadis id is

"A identifier used with one or more Yadis Services. A Yadis ID may be a 
URL; it may be any other identifier, such as an XRI, that can be 
resolved to a URL."

So if there is a rule that states that mailto: URL's resolve to 
http://domain_from_mailto_address then mailto's are valid Yadis id's 
e.g. mailto:robyates70 at resolves to  Am I 
correct with this?

The reason that I ask is that we are investigating mechanisms to lookup 
a user's free time from their calendar.  See the later half of this post for details.

What is hard to do is take an e-mail address and resolve that to a 
service (i.e. url endpoint) that provides a user's free time.  Yadis 
helps nicely here as the freetime service can be returned in the yadis 

Any advice would be much appreciated,



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