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Earl Cahill cahille at
Thu Oct 18 06:41:23 UTC 2007


Recently, I was about to write something not nearly as cool, and then I found brackup.  I am backing up to my amazon account.  Guess I am just a little paranoid, but I would like to have cron'd backups and then do a cron'd restore back to the original box, just to make sure that everything looks exactly the same.  Would hate to think that everything was ok, try and restore, and find out differently.  

It looks like I have to manually enter in my amazon information.  Is there a way around that?

Perhaps I am the only person wanting verification, but I could likely contribute back the following if other folks are interested

a --latest flag for restore, so that brackup-restore just finds the latest backup and restores it
a --verify_directory=/var/orig option to brackup-restore.  The restore could then do the restore and compare the restored contents to the /var/orig contents.  Or, depending on how self-aware things are, just a --verify flag


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