cron'd restores

Alessandro Ranellucci aar at
Fri Oct 19 08:27:26 UTC 2007

On 17-10-2007 at 8:41, Earl Cahill wrote:

 >It looks like I have to manually enter in my amazon information.  Is 
 >there a way around that?

Write everything in your ~/.brackup.conf - see docs.

 >a --latest flag for restore, so that brackup-restore just finds the 
 >latest backup and restores it

That can be easily achieved with a shell script that calls
brackup-target list_backups and then brackup-restore. IMO a built-in
option is not needed.

 >a --verify_directory=/var/orig option to brackup-restore.  The
 >restore could then do the restore and compare the restored contents
 >to the 
 >/var/orig contents.  Or, depending on how self-aware things are, just
 >--verify flag

I probably miss the point of your desired verification feature, but here
again I think that you can do that with a shell script (brackup-restore
&& diff).

  - al.

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