Problems using gc target in 1.06 and trunk

Joshua Kwan joshk at
Sun Aug 3 06:11:14 UTC 2008

[ I originally sent this email to Brad directly, but since he didn't
  write the gc target, here it goes to the list. ]

Hey all!

I started using Brackup+Amazon S3 in reaction to some disk corruption I
just encountered. Nice program. However, a few things:

I spent a few runs of Brackup twiddling my ignore flags so that I don't
back my spam up, and such. After completing all three of my desired
backups, I tried to run gc to remove some of the files that were
mistakenly uploaded before my ignore flags were all set.

nigiri:~# brackup-target amazon gc
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/Brackup/ line 45, <$__ANONIO__> line 1.
Unexpected line in metafile , line 1: '???????????????'

What can I do? Would having my invdb file help? (Does that contain sensitive
info? I'm not really sure.)

Also, my home directory backup bailed at some point with "no data in
file" at line 77. I don't have the exact error, but after
I restarted brackup, the error did not recur.

Joshua Kwan

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