The new bot code

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Jul 6 18:14:29 UTC 2006

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> I happen to know that Jabber clients (and often users) don't always work.
> "Service Discovery"?  You just lost most users.

So you're going to force the bot onto everyone's roster just in case 
they want to post to LJ from Jabber for some reason?

> brad:  Hi.  Who are you?  I didn't friend you.
> frankthegoat at  Hi.  I'm the LJ Robotic Goat, Frank, here to help you.
> brad:  What's up?
> frankthegoat at  I don't understand.  Type "help" for help.
> brad:  I need help.
> frankthegoat at
> .....
> brad:
>  post to lj_dev:  OMG this is my post to lj_dev from Jabber
> etc, etc.
> And we also let people friend it rom gmail/etc, then let you prove two
> JIDs are equal.....


* In Jabber client menu, choose "New Message".
* Type recipient as lj_dev at
* Type some subject line
* Type the body.
* Hit send.

Not that difficult. Since the user is an JID the 
registration step can be bypassed.

Note that there's no real reason why you can't put 
username at on the user's roster by default, with the 
display name "Post to your Journal!", thus making it even easier than 
your above example, since they won't have to figure out the wacky 
commands first.

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