Trying to get MUC Working

Martin Atkins mart at
Sun Apr 15 12:47:03 UTC 2007

Gavin Mogan wrote:
> So apparently the MUC plugin works pretty well. I still was unable to 
> get the external component to work.
> I have noticed that with the 4 or 5 main windows clients, half support 
> the disco service discovery properly (i have a MUC patch to make things 
> work better), the other half uses the depreciated iq:browse and iq:agents.

You mean JEP-0011? Jeez... they really need to get with the times.

> Before i go trying to submit large patch for changes I think might be 
> necessary, is there any suggestions on how his feature can be 
> implemented. Is there a good document on how hooks are done? Could I use 
> them so plugins can optionally register information for iq:browse or 
> iq:agents?

I'm really rusty on the browsing/agents stuff and don't really remember 
how they work... but I wonder if they could be implemented in terms of 
the existing disco support, without requiring any additional 
configuration. I think "Jabber Browsing" uses a similar scheme to the 
"identity" element from disco.

I don't know what spec iq:agents belongs to. That one must have passed 
me by. Do you have a reference?

> (ps, is it the lists fault or gmail that it doesn't want to reply to the 
> list by default sorry mart).

The list is configured to not munge the Reply-to header, so you have to 
either remember to change the address or use the "Reply to all" command 
instead of just "Reply". (and then trim out all of the addresses except 
the list, naturally.)

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