Trying to get MUC Working

Gavin Mogan halkeye at
Mon Apr 16 00:46:35 UTC 2007


Both seem pretty simple, but both are depreciated.

I know pandion ( uses iq:browse to find services that
are available.

So is it possible to implement hooks that other plugins can tie into to
implement iq:browse? or is this something that has to be done through core?


On 4/15/07, Martin Atkins <mart at> wrote:
> Gavin Mogan wrote:
> > So apparently the MUC plugin works pretty well. I still was unable to
> > get the external component to work.
> >
> > I have noticed that with the 4 or 5 main windows clients, half support
> > the disco service discovery properly (i have a MUC patch to make things
> > work better), the other half uses the depreciated iq:browse and
> iq:agents.
> >
> You mean JEP-0011? Jeez... they really need to get with the times.
> > Before i go trying to submit large patch for changes I think might be
> > necessary, is there any suggestions on how his feature can be
> > implemented. Is there a good document on how hooks are done? Could I use
> > them so plugins can optionally register information for iq:browse or
> > iq:agents?
> I'm really rusty on the browsing/agents stuff and don't really remember
> how they work... but I wonder if they could be implemented in terms of
> the existing disco support, without requiring any additional
> configuration. I think "Jabber Browsing" uses a similar scheme to the
> "identity" element from disco.
> I don't know what spec iq:agents belongs to. That one must have passed
> me by. Do you have a reference?
> > (ps, is it the lists fault or gmail that it doesn't want to reply to the
> > list by default sorry mart).
> The list is configured to not munge the Reply-to header, so you have to
> either remember to change the address or use the "Reply to all" command
> instead of just "Reply". (and then trim out all of the addresses except
> the list, naturally.)
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