Trying to get MUC Working

Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Apr 16 19:46:54 UTC 2007

Gavin Mogan wrote:
> iq:browse:
> iq:agents: 
> <>
> Both seem pretty simple, but both are depreciated.
> I know pandion ( uses iq:browse to find services 
> that are available.
> So is it possible to implement hooks that other plugins can tie into to 
> implement iq:browse? or is this something that has to be done through core?

I just quickly skimmed the source (not looked at djabberd for a while!) 
and it seems that the hook "c2s-iq" can be used to intercept and handle 
client-to-server iq stanzas.

I'm not sure how you deal with iqs relayed from other servers. Perhaps 
c2s-iq does those too, or maybe there's some other hook, or maybe you 
just can't process them at all! c2s is probably the most important case 
for browsing and disco, anyway.

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