Expose Multiple Resources

Jason Salaz jason at zenenet.com
Tue Jul 17 23:39:26 UTC 2007

Is there any specific reason why djabberd doesn't "expose" multiple resources?

On any other server I try (which is a variety of jabber servers.
ejabberd, jabberd2, wildfire/openfire, etc.), when I hover over my JID
in my roster, I see 2 entries when applicable. My Mac session at work,
and my Linux session at home.

djabberd (in the context that I use LJ Talk, not my own installation!)
appears to be different.
I admittedly do not know if exposing multiple resources requires
additional work, but I've come to be very familiar with this
functionality, not to mention it allows me to send messages between

I'd also like the ability to perform ad-hoc commands when Psi 0.11
comes out. I don't believe the same requirements for issuing/receiving
ad-hoc commands also carries the exposure of multiple resources too.

So, is this something that can be changed?
Both on LJ Talk and in the distribution for installs out in the wild?

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